AngTwit – AngularJS twitter web application

AngTwit is a personal project of mine to explore the AngularJS framework that has been really popular amongst the JavaScript developers as of late. The project is using the Twitter API to retrieve data through YQL (Yahoo Query Language), using YQL I was able to create a pure JavaScript Twitter client and have no need to write a back-end service to manage my connection to the Twitter API.

This project is still work in progress and is logged in as myself, but so far these are the features so far:

  • View my home timeline of friends tweets
  • Search Tweets
  • View Profiles
  • Interaction through an iPad
  • Add/Arrange/Edit/Delete columns

Major Libraries Used:

  • Angular.js – A robust MCW open-source JavaScript framework, maintained by Google
  • LessCSS – Dynamic style sheet language library
  • Twitter bootstrap – Front end framework I used to base my CSS off

Other Libraries used in a minor way, angular-strap.js, underscore.js

At time of writing, the Twitter API is a bit volatile, so if columns don’t pop up hit refresh, you can view the project online here, the project has so far only been tested on Chrome ( other browsers will come later ) ( At the time of writing they’ve changed the API and haven’t had a chance to update it )
The project is still work in progress, so hasn’t been optimized and cleaned but the whole project is open sourced and on github and can be viewed here


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