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I am part of the team at DT that is responsible for Bunnings website. I was one of the lead front end engineers that works with the rest of the team to deliver development of the website during its current lifespan. I see development from when it leaves UX/Design to when it’s on production. My… Read more »

Optus Living Styleguide

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I was part of the ‘Optus Living Styleguide’ front end engineering team for about 6 months with DT. The project was to build a styleguide that Optus would use for the rest of their site part of their rebranding project. My role of the project was to build responsive HTML and CSS templates to deliver… Read more »

Bonds Christmas Ideas

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Bonds Christmas Idea’s is a project I worked on during the time at Park Street Group. It was an interactive video player for Bonds’ Christmas Campaign, when the user clicked on the video; the video would pause highlighting products in the video. Products would be loaded dynamically through a Content Management System. Major Technologies I… Read more »

AngTwit – AngularJS twitter web application

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AngTwit is a personal project of mine to explore the AngularJS framework that has been really popular amongst the JavaScript developers as of late. The project is using the Twitter API to retrieve data through YQL (Yahoo Query Language), using YQL I was able to create a pure JavaScript Twitter client and have no need… Read more »

Gok Campaigns

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Gok NineMSN take over was one of the campaigns I worked on at my time at Big Red Digital Group for Target’s GOK campaigns. It consisted of a full page take over on NineMSN’s home page and a microsite that could be launched within the Ad unit. The Ad initially showed a transparent video that… Read more »

Old Portfolio AngularJS

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This small experiment is a remake of my old Flash portfolio using a JavaScript Library called AngularJS.  I’ve tried to use the inbuilt AngularJS capabilities as much as possible, and use CSS to style it as close to my original Flash portfolio. Here is the link to the project Major Technologies I Used: 

Huggies Playground

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Huggies Playground was a project I worked on during my time at TKM9.  It was a campaign site for Huggies Australia.  The site consisted of 3 games and some colouring in sheets that were designed by the talented designers of TKM9. The games consisted of a memory game, a matching game and a side scrolling… Read more »

Old Portfolio Site Flash

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This is my old portfolio I made in Flash in 2010. This site was created as a showcase of my current and previous work and as a demonstration of my ability to use Flash data services effectively. It’s a dynamic Flash site that is updated using a database to store it’s information. The site is… Read more »

Marc Echo Digital Muse

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This was a large project I worked on while at Boffswana. This was project was a marketing campaign by American clothing company ‘Marc Ecko’. The project was a Flash Augmented reality site where users were able to augment their ‘Digital Muse’ into the world using a web-cam. The client used Linsay Lohan as their model… Read more »

Goldcross Website

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This is a site was involved in early 2009. I was the Flash Authorer of the front end of the site (All the Flash). This ActionScript 3 based dynamic website which was created to replace Goldcross’s ageing site. The client wanted a new fresh site that would appeal to a wider audience. Additionally, the site… Read more »