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I am part of the team at DT that is responsible for Bunnings website. I was one of the lead front end engineers that works with the rest of the team to deliver development of the website during its current lifespan. I see development from when it leaves UX/Design to when it’s on production. My… Read more »

Easel Particles

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Simple Particle Engine made in EaselJS , uses HTML5 Canvas.  It implements learnings from a really good book I read Nature of code by Daniel Shiffman , its a Processing book but I converted some of the Maths into JavaScript. The project is still work in progress, but can be viewed here, http://www.simtechmedia.com/EaselParticles/ I’ve open sourced the… Read more »

AngTwit – AngularJS twitter web application

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AngTwit is a personal project of mine to explore the AngularJS framework that has been really popular amongst the JavaScript developers as of late. The project is using the Twitter API to retrieve data through YQL (Yahoo Query Language), using YQL I was able to create a pure JavaScript Twitter client and have no need… Read more »

Old Portfolio AngularJS

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This small experiment is a remake of my old Flash portfolio using a JavaScript Library called AngularJS.  I’ve tried to use the inbuilt AngularJS capabilities as much as possible, and use CSS to style it as close to my original Flash portfolio. Here is the link to the project Major Technologies I Used: