Viral Happiness

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Viral Happiness is a website I built I made for a Circus and Fire community I help run. The site is built on WordPress, with a  theme I customised.  It features a lot of my photography.    

Coles Pick Pack Deliver

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The Coles Pick Pack Deliver game was two campaigns I was involved with at my time at Big Red Digital.  It was a Facebook game where users could play a ‘Bejeweled /Candy Crush’ time game to win prizes. I was in charge of creating the Flash Game element that integrated with a backend that was… Read more »

Gaviscon iPad Form

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This is a project I worked with The Monarchy for Gaviscon.  It’s a simple application made for surveying people during an exhibition. The iPad part of the project was made in HTML and JQuery then compiled using PhoneGap.  This allowed a seamless user experience that a simple web form couldn’t achieve.  The client as able… Read more »

Old Portfolio AngularJS

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This small experiment is a remake of my old Flash portfolio using a JavaScript Library called AngularJS.  I’ve tried to use the inbuilt AngularJS capabilities as much as possible, and use CSS to style it as close to my original Flash portfolio. Here is the link to the project Major Technologies I Used: 

New Portfolio Site

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This is the current site of my portfolio, the one which you are looking at. After my last portfolio was very outdated i decided to remake it as a HTML website as I don’t believe Flash belongs on the web anymore for these type of applications. I decided to make it as a WordPress site… Read more »

Old Portfolio Site Flash

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This is my old portfolio I made in Flash in 2010. This site was created as a showcase of my current and previous work and as a demonstration of my ability to use Flash data services effectively. It’s a dynamic Flash site that is updated using a database to store it’s information. The site is… Read more »

Goldcross Website

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This is a site was involved in early 2009. I was the Flash Authorer of the front end of the site (All the Flash). This ActionScript 3 based dynamic website which was created to replace Goldcross’s ageing site. The client wanted a new fresh site that would appeal to a wider audience. Additionally, the site… Read more »