Schweppes Cocktail Revolution

 “After an initial teaser period of a crate mysteriously appearing at Southern Cross Station – complete with a peep hole revealing a teaser hologram, teaser music exuding from the crate and the sighting of high heels inside – the Schweppes crate finally opened it’s doors. Those curious enough to engage with the crate are rewarded with a cool ‘cocktail’ bar experience consisting of an interactive cocktail mixing table that uses fruit and drink recognition technology – a world first – to suggest cocktail drinks…” – TKM9

This is a project I had worked with TKM9 .  It was a vastly ambitious project, first of it’s kind. The major part of the installation was focused on an Interactive Table where optics were used to recognise fruit and a Schweppes drink, the table would recommend you a cocktail with your chosen combination.  It was part of  major campaign that included Facebook integration, projections across the city, and a competition with prizes.

I was Technical lead on the project and was in charge of the ‘font end’ of the table, I was also the lead on all of the technical hardware requirements and the ‘peep’ hole that revealed a hologram drink.  Watch the Video on the bottom of the page to see how the project turned out.

I write more on the technical behind the scenes in my blog here.

Major Technologies I Used:

FDTStraling Framework
The Table Detecting FruitSchweppes Table Front End

Here’s a official wrap up of the Project made by TKM9.


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