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Alright, I have tried to use UML to create a class relationship diagram in the latest build of a project. I’m still trying my hardest to find a tool that is effective with AS3 but so far Visio seems to the goer for now. It’s still missing events and the ability to show/hide attributes and… Read more »

Jesse Wardens Video Blog #3

Apple’s iPad, HTML5 Video, Gaia Flash Framework – JXLTV – Episode #3 Interesting video blog by industrial pro Jesse warden, he goes into some pretty interesting idea’s and thoughts on the new iPad. He also goes through some new framework called Gaia, which I haven’t heard of before, should be interesting to look into… Read more »


I came across a problem with the way XML Processing works, I stored HTML Data into a mySQL database and tried to return it using PHP to XML parsing and the actual HTML Tags are read as XML tags, wasn’t really ideal, I fixed this by wrapping my information using CDATA tags like this PHP… Read more »