Flash Player 10 now live

Adobe Player 10 went live a few days ago which is pretty big news for people who develop using Flash Technologies. As a developer (I’m a bit stooged in design and animation) I’m looking forward to new stuff that comes from the community through it like the new 3D API, animations tools and stuff like customer filters.

Also I’m actually looking forward to seeing some of the old animators coming back to animating side flash once again, i know a few of my video friends used to hate the frame based animation system.

On the flipside I wouldn’t go running into full fledge Flash player 10 just yet, I don’t think its a viable platform just yet. My guess is full Player 10 penetration (+80%) is at least 6 months off yet.


I came across a problem with the way XML Processing works, I stored HTML Data into a mySQL database and tried to return it using PHP to XML parsing and the actual HTML Tags are read as XML tags, wasn’t really ideal, I fixed this by wrapping my information using CDATA tags like this

PHP Code:

echo <title><![CDATA[" .$results_row['title'] . "]]></title>\n";

When read into flash anything in the CDATA tags are ignored and my function runs great.

Custom Events, the new bread

One of the most difference things with me migrating from AcrionScript 2 to 3 was the loss of levels system. At first I took a page out of my old Java days and started to use Get and Set methods on all my objects pass variables around, and then started to make ValueObjects to store data then pushing them around. It wasn’t the best way but it got the job done, unfortunately things got quite cumbersome quickly.

Things changed again recently when I learned (thanks to Lee Brimalow at gotoAndLearn) the ability to wrap extra data into custom Event Objects, my life turned so much easier. I now store the variables I need directly with the event that the variable interacts with, makes things a lot easier.

External Editors

Over the last few months I’ve really been getting into more serious AS3 work, and one of the shortcomings of the Adobe Flash CS3 script editor.  I was bit of a SEPY user back in the day but it seems the project has withered away.

I discovered this neat Open Source editor called FlashDevelop which I really think you should have a go at if you’re serious about your coding, there’s plenty of reasons why you should try it including ;

  • Code Outlines – Makes going up and down methods easy
  • Code Hinting – It even hints your own custom classes, telling you what variables its need to perform, which is very useful
  • Project Manager
  • Better error checking
  • Code Snippetes
  • Class Hierarchy

And just overall a much better experience, I would definitely check it out.

On the other side of news, I’ve had a look at the preview of the new Adobe CS4 script editor and it doesn’t look much better at all, maybe Adobe expect developers to pay for Adobe Flex to use as a Editor.

If Flash IDE scripting that bad?

If Flash IDE scripting that bad?

Blog Online

Finally setup a blog, I’ve always wanted to have one of these, just to keep tabs on what I’m doing.

Will pop up more stuff when my hosting gets setup all properly