MS Visio usage

I’ve started using Visio to map out my programs and such, I used to use illustrator to do program diagrams but became very cumbersome when the lines started to mass.  With Visio the lines sort themselves up so I’m focusing on my mind on actual developing instead of making diagrams neat.

My viewpoint using Flash Builder 3

Flash builder 3 is the renamed Flex builder that will take over the rename Flex platform from Adobe.  I have been a light user of the flex platform for quite a while now, using it for smaller projects once a while.  While the learning curve was quiet small because of my previous experience with ActionScript 3 I never liked working with the script editor with Flex builder 2, but with Flash Builder 3, it’s much improved. I was working with a decent sized project and the Flex framework and UI made it pretty comfortable to work with, the script editor was pretty good. I read that the new version of Flash will have better integration for Flash Builder to use as the primary script editor, while this is fantastic , I don’t think it will replace the (imo) better and free FlashDevelop for me anytime soon.

Iphone Development with Flash?

The ever so great Lee Brimlow has made a demo of Iphone development that will be native with Adobe Flash CS5, I think this is an amazing additional flash and look forward to playing with it.  Was never really keen on learning Objective C and this is really a great alternative for people like me

Watch the number of Aplications explode when CS5 is released!

Here’s the video if your keen to watch it

My Portfolio almost finally ready

Been busy this week, been getting my portfolio up and running finally, I just read the date i created the folder for it to be from 2008 so it’s a long time coming!

Stayed tuned…

Day 10 – Kikko

I leave Akasaka and head towards the bullet train terminal in Tokyo central, this time I’m going east from Tokyo so I get a few tippers from the JR crew and head off. Getting to Kikko was pretty straighg forward, and took around a hour and a half after chaning trains once.

I was really in the montain range this time, I took a bus that took me further up the mountain where the temples I wanted to see were. I get of the bus and pay for a ‘everywhere’ ticket that gets me into ‘most places’ for some reason (had to pay 3 times again to get to other places) . Anyway, the day went pretty quickly, nothing really important to note, I just went around taking photos.

I head back to Tokyo, grab a bento box and plan my next day. I actually go for a late suppa and got some fresh sashmi, was pretty awesome.

Look forward in getting to Osaka tomorrow away from all these temples I’ve been visiting!


(will upload photos later)

Day 9 – Narra

I wake up to the crack of dawn again ( my feet are hating it ) , I feel very lethargic and hating it. I man up and wake up and head sneak out, I decide to pack my bag today as I will be solo’ing it.

I caught the train to Tokyo central and grabed myself a bento box and jumped on the bullet train to Kyoto. I sleep through most of the trip but then decide when I get to Kyoto I’ll go to Narra instead, which is an additional 40 minutes out of Kyoto.
I met some nice lads on the train, they were from Melbourne too, we traded some stories and I was pretty intrigued what they been and went. Turns out they did the smarter thing and moved through the whole of Japan (wish we did that)

I’m arrival in Narra I seeked out the Tourist Information booth thing, to my surprise the lady their spoke perfect English and gave me English maps and advice on where to go, I jumped on the bus and headed to the main park which where all the temples and shrines were.

First thing I noticed when I hopped off the bus was deer, they were everywhere, just roaming around, chilling out, one even went next to me and sniffed me out. I guess the deer are pretty safe when the monks that live around are vegetarians 😉 . I went through these massive gates to get to the main temple, which was Tojaii temple. Was pretty sweet, was absolutely massive (check photos) . It’s hard to compehend how big it was by looking at the photos, in the flesh it was pretty awe inspiring . Inside housed a massive buddah statue, I tried to take a photo of it but its hard to show scale In photos.

After I left the temple I walked around the shrines (with deer still sniffing me) to take photographs. It’s a pretty nice area, I walk back to the train station through town taking more photographs.

I got kicked off the train for not getting on the right one, he was pretty polite about it, but still 😉

After that! Long trip home , got some dinner, then off to plan my next trip

Day 8 – Kyoto

We woke up at the crack of dawn (Read 7:30am) to head of to Kyoto, it was a early start and we almost miss our Bullet Train, but we made it there, I’m pretty sure I slept most of the trip there, looking outside made me dizzy because how fast the train was going (around 300 k/m). The actual train was so smooth though.

After 2.5 hours we get off the train (long train trip) and look around and jump on sight seeing bus to one of the templates, we visit Kiyomizu temple first, the one on the mountain. After a quick bus trip we get off and get some food (which later on makes me a bit sick) anyway, the walk up the mountain was pretty tranquil, there were little markets and stuff on the way, was pretty neat.

When we got to the temple and paid out small admission fee we walked in, I was blown away at how amazing the place was, I think it had to be my favorite place I had visited so far, it would somewhere I’d with everyone to visit one day (that good). We walked around and took a few photos, and I brought my loved one a special charm I got from the monks. The whole place was very tranquil, but time was short and we had to head off to our next destination.

Next stop was Sanjusangendo Temple, which was 1 bus stop away, we went in there not knowing what it actually was, we were asked to take off our shoes and there was a strict no camera policy. Anyway we went in and it was surreal, it was 1001 life size buddust statues in one large hall, with monks burning candles and incense so it was all misty. Was out of this world.

We then walk back to town and take a train to Fushimi Inari Shrine, after wakling through the entrance we find this little ‘gate’ type thing, with writing on it that lead up the hill, we start walking… After 45 minutes of walking up through this gates up hill and thinking I was dying we thought we were up the top, we were half way…. Anwyay, was quiet amazing (look at the photos) all the way up the mountain theirs this little rest stops with people living in little huts. After we get about 3km up the mountain we are forced to head back as we were loosing light. We catch the train back to Kyoto station and take the long long train back home.

Had a bit of dinner, gonna try to go to bed early as I am going back to Kyoto by myself tomorrow.

Day 6 – Imperial Garden #3 + Asakusa

We start up early and goto the gardens, we figure out a quicker route and it takes half the time as the day before. After a pretty average breakfast at a local café (re: bad) we head out to the gardens.

We finally make it into the gardens! But to be honest it was pretty average, the Shinjuku gardens were heaps better, after a little wander around (it was pretty busy) we were stopped, there was some sorta special event with carriages. We then headed to Tokyo Central station to activate our JPass’s which we will use to travel to the other cities. After another bit of a wander we hopped on the train to Asakusa.

This area was a bit older then the others, it had those old school Japanese buildings and some markets, we wondered around for a bit and had a look a the shrings and tempes. We decided to go into this place that looked okay from the front, but it ended up being a rowdy pub with crap food, I think I paid like $20 for some finger food and some average sides. Jumped on the train then went home.

I ventured out on my own to Roppongi to grab a beer, had a bit of a chat to some canandians (one had a bow in his hair) then grabbed some octopus balls (yum). After I got back to the hotel brother was keen for a drink so headed back down to Roppongi, smashed a few cocktails then went home and ended the night there.

Photos from the day

Day 5 – Imperial Garden #2 + Shibuya Gardens

We wake up early to goto the Imperial Gardens again. We venture out and mission out to the train, was a pretty nice day today and got quiet warm. On arrival at the gates to our horror there was a ‘closed’ sign, turns out the gardens are closed on Fridays and Mondays. After our disappointment we decide to goto Shibuya again and not to the red light district. We once again get lost in the maze that is Shibuya trains station but eventually make it to the Government building of Tokyo. The actual building is one of the biggest buildings I’ve seen in my life, was just so big and massive, we wandered in and went up to the 45th level to the observation deck, it was really hot and stuffy, and the air was really smoggy. I took a few photos but it was too smoggy for any good photos to come out of it.

Afterwards we walk up to the main bit of shibuya for a feed, I got some sushi train, was one of the best sushi’s I’ve ever had in my life, delicious. We then wondered into the Shubuya gardens for a wonder, took some nice photos and wondered around, then back home to the hotel.

Day 4 – Akihabara

After a late start we head to Akihabara, electronic city. We had to make a couple of train changes, so took us about 20 minutes to get there. We had a bit of a feed at a local restaurant which consisted of ‘soba’ and some rich and fried food, was okay, not the best meal I’ve had though.

We found this massive electronically department store right next to the train station, it was 8 stories high full of every sort of gadget and electronical toy you could find. They had stands of games with new releases and different cartoons. The store was was amazing though, every geek persons dream to be there, after a bit we decided to go into the next Akihara section.

After getting lost for a hour we finally hit the Electronical district (In the end we found out we were across the road basically where we needed to be, but went on to do a one hour loop), the city streets were lined with eletronical stores left right and centre. After a bit of a wander we head back for a coffee at a café. While we were there we looked around to notice everyone was standing still playing their Nintendo DS, we must have stumbled onto a area where people come to battle each other using the DS’s wireless capability, must have been around 20 people just standing there playing games. After that we go back to the big department store for another wander and head back home. We had a bit of a rest then had some dinner, but the rest of the day was pretty uneventful. (Did manage to get down a 663mm bottle of Asashi for 300 yen though 😀 )