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Charles for Flash Devs

Charles here to serve you One of my main bread and butter rolls of my job is to send  and retrieve data from Flash to a data service that’s normally PHP.  I was introduced to a great program called “Charles” which labels itself as a “Web debugging proxy”.  In this article, I will outline some of… Read more »

Air for the laziness?

A non ActionScript entry for once, I recently was given a task that was non-AS3 oriented. My task was to do some cool creative stuff using the OpenFrameworks which is C++. Having absolutely no C background what so ever I was very overwhelmed at first, I have had to never had to worry about things… Read more »

Gaia and Robotlegs together

Gaia and Robotlegs together I have been doing a fair bit of adventuring in unchartered territory these last couple of months and the main things I have learnt is the concept of using programming frameworks.  I was recommended this combination by a wise person at the beginning of a project a project a few months… Read more »

AS2 to AS3 bridge

Recently I’ve been getting into a lot more AS3 development, the major hurdle for the projects I worked with and why they stuck their guns in AS2 was the fact most components we use were still AS2 based. This was a huge problem till I ran into this AS2-> AS3 bridge that allowed me to… Read more »

Error Checking

Something i have really been neglecting in the past is Error checking. I’ve recently bumped into a problem where I had to load in a SWF where could reside in 2 places, normally I would just go manually change the SWF location everytime I needed to, then i thought to myself, there had to be… Read more »


One thing that always mentions as a negative to flash is “Cannot hotlink to certain areas of the site”. I recently bumped into this really sweet addon that lets you do just that.  SWFaddress lets you make virtual URLS so users going through your flash site so users have the ability to copy and paste… Read more »

TweenLite / TweenMax

I was a huge fan MosesSupposes Fuse for ActionScript 2, so I was a bit loss when I started to migrate to ActionScript 3 without it. I had a hunt around and found the best alternative tween engine was fantastic work by GreenSock and his Tween Classes. It has all the features Fuse did plus… Read more »


I came across a problem with the way XML Processing works, I stored HTML Data into a mySQL database and tried to return it using PHP to XML parsing and the actual HTML Tags are read as XML tags, wasn’t really ideal, I fixed this by wrapping my information using CDATA tags like this PHP… Read more »

Custom Events, the new bread

One of the most difference things with me migrating from AcrionScript 2 to 3 was the loss of levels system. At first I took a page out of my old Java days and started to use Get and Set methods on all my objects pass variables around, and then started to make ValueObjects to store… Read more »

External Editors

Over the last few months I’ve really been getting into more serious AS3 work, and one of the shortcomings of the Adobe Flash CS3 script editor.  I was bit of a SEPY user back in the day but it seems the project has withered away. I discovered this neat Open Source editor called FlashDevelop which… Read more »