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Air for the laziness?

A non ActionScript entry for once, I recently was given a task that was non-AS3 oriented. My task was to do some cool creative stuff using the OpenFrameworks which is C++. Having absolutely no C background what so ever I was very overwhelmed at first, I have had to never had to worry about things… Read more »

MS Visio usage

I’ve started using Visio to map out my programs and such, I used to use illustrator to do program diagrams but became very cumbersome when the lines started to mass.  With Visio the lines sort themselves up so I’m focusing on my mind on actual developing instead of making diagrams neat.


I never used to flowchart or do any type of visual documentation while programming, I guess you didn’t need to while programming in procedural like I did back on ye old days. In recent times in the advancement further into OOP it’s becoming harder for me to keep well cohesion classes. I recently almost had… Read more »

Macs are better for Development?

As a PC user in a Mac dominated multimedia industry I’ve always wondered what I was missing out on.  I recently brought a macbook and was forced to use it when travelling north away from my trusty PC.  The macbook has a lot of good things going for it, great build quality and stable as… Read more »

Progress in life!

Long time no blog! I promise I’ll write here more, things have been going well, been so busy with work i haven’t had a change to do much more then work. I am full time with a Marketing company in Brisbane,  still work from home though which is sweet. More blogs to come shortly, might… Read more »

Back on the horse

After my long await absence from doing the fun stuff i enjoy with flash i am now back in the game! Finished my uni degree ! Pretty stoked. Stayed tuned.. might even finish my portfolio.

Blog Online

Finally setup a blog, I’ve always wanted to have one of these, just to keep tabs on what I’m doing. Will pop up more stuff when my hosting gets setup all properly