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AIR in everyday Life

This article is about my journey on how I was introduced to Adobe AIR. It also contains my personal experiences and case studies from recent projects I have worked on. As someone who previously spent most my time creating Flash websites, I loved creative driven content, something that wasn’t always available directly from a browser… Read more »

Behind Schweppes Experiential: Cocktail Revolution

TKM9 is an inline digital agency based in Melbourne where I work. TKM9 were engaged by Schweppes Australia to produce an interactive experiential installation to promote how easy mixing cocktails are. Our campaign would begin when without explanation overnight we dropped a massive crate in the middle of one of Melbourne’s busiest train stations.  All… Read more »

Charles for Flash Devs

Charles here to serve you One of my main bread and butter rolls of my job is to send  and retrieve data from Flash to a data service that’s normally PHP.  I was introduced to a great program called “Charles” which labels itself as a “Web debugging proxy”.  In this article, I will outline some of… Read more »

Updated my Portfolio

I updated my Portfolio finally! I need to add a few extra small projects however

CodeIgnitor , micro PHP Framework

I’ve been working on a side project lately which has made me dive back into PHP, HTML, and JavaScript.  I haven’t actually used PHP properly for a few years as ActionScript has been my bread and butter for a while.  At first the idea of server side programming made me shudder but I soon embraced the challenge (and it… Read more »

Flash Player 10.2

Flash Player 10.2 is fresh out of the labs and is now live to everyone. Here’s my standout points I’m really excited about; Stage Video There’s no lie that Flash Video used to run like a dog on OSX, my oldish white Macbook used  to struggle to keep a decent framerate when i bumped it… Read more »

I haven’t forgotten about bloggin!

I just been busy! I try to get out of the house when i can these days, take Photo’s and such, so in turn you might see a few random Photography posts here and there from now on


Just stumbled across this really cool Mobile Platform called Appcelerator, it’s compatible with Android, Blackberry, IOS and has full hardware controls, very nifty. It uses HTML and JS markup and hooks in with the native operating system which gives it speed and UX as if it was native, very clever indeed. If my JS and… Read more »

The Codec Wars

I have been trying to follow the HTML5 video saga very carefully as any Internet Developer should.  The latest movement on this front is Google are planning to drop H.264 as a supported <video> codec on it’s Chrome Browser (Which I have learned to love) in favor for their own WebM.  This again is going… Read more »

Air for the laziness?

A non ActionScript entry for once, I recently was given a task that was non-AS3 oriented. My task was to do some cool creative stuff using the OpenFrameworks which is C++. Having absolutely no C background what so ever I was very overwhelmed at first, I have had to never had to worry about things… Read more »