CodeIgnitor , micro PHP Framework

I’ve been working on a side project lately which has made me dive back into PHP, HTML, and JavaScript.  I haven’t actually used PHP properly for a few years as ActionScript has been my bread and butter for a while.  At first the idea of server side programming made me shudder but I soon embraced the challenge (and it was a good chance to scrub up on my PHP skillset!)

One thing I’ve grown found of are micro frameworks. For me a micro framework is enough to get your boiler plate code out of the way without getting into your way and making your coheir to strict coding frameworks (Joomla comes to mind)  So the first thing I did was to find a good PHP framework.  I’ve came across one called ‘codeIgnitor’ a few times and it was recommended to me so I decided to go with that. It actually really reminds me of Robotlegs but for PHP so it’s great stuff.

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  1. Richard Thornton

    I have been using codeigniter for many of my projects, big and small. There are a few frameworks around, but I admire CI’s simplicity, speed and architecture. It really shines in its libraries for databases, mail, fileystem and many other simple processes we implement time and time again.

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