Flash Player 10.2

Flash Player 10.2 is fresh out of the labs and is now live to everyone.

Here’s my standout points I’m really excited about;

Stage Video

There’s no lie that Flash Video used to run like a dog on OSX, my oldish white Macbook used  to struggle to keep a decent framerate when i bumped it into fullscreen.  Even if i didn’t make it go into fullscreen, the fans would almost instantly rev up to 100% and it sounded like it was about to lift off.  With the new StageVideo API you have the ability to play the video at a lower tier and enable hardware acceleration across all platforms, you do loose the ability for transforms and bitmap effects (which 99% of the tiem you don’t need) but gain a great performance boost (especially on a mac!).  I had a test of it while it was still in Beta and was quiet impressed by the speed of it on my mac, a long awaited, and much needed change.

Multi-monitor Support

A small change in the grand scheme of things, but a great change for myself. For people who use dual monitors, you now have the ability to go fullscreen video with one monitor, and hapily work with your other monitor.  It used to go out of fullscreen soon as you select another window, but now you can happily watch YouTube in fullscreen and do work! (although still not recommended when trying to do work 😉 )

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