Air for the laziness?

A non ActionScript entry for once,

I recently was given a task that was non-AS3 oriented. My task was to do some cool creative stuff using the OpenFrameworks which is C++. Having absolutely no C background what so ever I was very overwhelmed at first, I have had to never had to worry about things such as manual garbage collection and such scope restrictions (compared to AS). Not saying it’s a bad thing, I could see from the start the power , possibilities and control doing it manually.

At my first sign of struggle a instant light-bulb popped into my head considering how much easier it would be for me to do the project in Adobe AIR (which I could have, the libraries were there for this certain project) . Then I thought, was I being lazy? I’m not going to be a sole ActionScript developer for every, no technology lasts forever and being pigeon holed and bound to one technology will not help me in the long term. I know the point of Adobe AIR is writing something once and deploying it many places, but in turn, it can’t be the best for much when it’s being deployed on so many platforms. In this instance, using the C++ method yielded such better performance even with my low level of understanding.

Anyway, that was a bit of a ramble, i still love ActionScript and the flash platform and will try to keep it my main bean income as long as I can, but it has really open my mind again to other languages other then web programming languages once again.

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