3D Flash Player

I know this is old news but here it is a short entry anyway..

Adobe Max just finished up about a week ago and the main thing that caught my eye is the new GPU accelerated Flash Player that comes to the table. Code name ‘molehill’ will finally bring GPU accelerated goodness to the Flash Player which in terms means alot of indy game developers who have moved towards other platforms (such as Unity3D) as of late.

At first I was thinking, what is going to happen to all the guys who are making 3D Engines for flash? Such as Papervision, Away3D , Sandy etc. I think the guys would be loving it as the new 3D API is very low level, so the 3D guys will be able to write their engines on top of the Low level API’s to create 3D engines that work brilliantly with the new GPU support.

The effects to Unity3D
Do I see a threat to the Unity3D user base? I don’t think so as they have quiet a following now, and Unity wasn’t always just about the Unity Player but the actual game making IDE which flash will never touch. What would be awesome if Unity rollout their own Flash Player exporter, but what are the chances of that happening?

This is the sort of reason I love being a Flash Developer, things move so quickly and it forces me to keep active in my job so not fall behing the curve! ( This could be a curse to some people though )


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